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IOT Smart Devices and Tasmota

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Don't make the same mistake I did when buying your smart devices that you want to run on your own network away from the cloud.
Make 100% sure that the devices you buy can be flashed with your own firmware or tasmotised :)

BNETA devices which are being pushed all over SA at all the major retailers are NOT flashable, they are now using the new tuya proprietry chips which cannot be flashed with your own firmware or tasmotised.
Ask your retailer if the devices you are interested in are using TUYA chips and if they are, walk away :)

These companies want to force you onto their cloud systems so that they can sell your usage data to big tech and who knows else.
If TUYA provide the devices for free then sure, collect the data 🤣 if the user is comfortable with that.
But TUYA are not getting my data for free to sell on to whoever.

For now stick with sonoff :) They are friendly to the diy community and actually make it easier for you to re-flash their devices to get off the cloud :)

If you know other brands that are tasmota friendly in SA then please drop them here.

Tasmota website does have a list of supported devices but not all those devices work since some have upgraded to the new tuya chips. And many on those lists are not available in SA anymore :(

Stay Away From TUYA devices, they are bad news!!


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It is actually possible to write your own firmware or install an equivalent of Tasmota firmware on some of these devices. It depends on the chip they use.

Many now use either a BK7231T or BK7231N chip. There is a tutorial on how to write your own code and how to flash a ready built Tasmota equivalent here WB2S/BK7231 Tutorial - writing custom firmware - UDP/TCP/HTTP/MQTT (elektroda.com)

I have tested this out on a Nous smart socket and have successfully changed it to the Tasmota build.

It's not the Arduino environment but is certainly possible to do.

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