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New remote control feature on Solarman Smart


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42 minutes ago, Paul Greeff said:

Thank you Tariq, this is a very handy feature.


The play store has the old version.

I downloaded and Installed the version from Solarman, https://www.solarman.cn/enterrace_2.html. With this one I have remote control from my phone. 

Can you link directly to the android API to download as I can't find it there. 

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42 minutes ago, pete boy said:

Can you elaborate?

The Solarman app (and its web-based equivalent pro.solarman.cn) is a public interface, the config of your Sunsynk is literally protected by a userid and password. This is considered pretty weak authentication, humans can choose weak passwords and / or re-use passwords across various sites, take a look at https://haveibeenpwned.com. There is 2SV on registration but not on subsequent authentication.

This means that an attacker who discovers your password in a previous data breach, or who successfully guesses your password, can alter the config of your inverter. 

Firstly, when adding this kind of functionality, Solarman should rather make it opt-in, givng the user the choice in taking the risk. Secondly, 2FA should be mandatory for any config changes coming from a publicly available interface.



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