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Opinion on MicroCare Inverters

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What are the opinions regarding the locally build Microcare inverter, versus what seems to be popular brands on the forum, like Sunsync and Victron. I am by no means a local fan-boy, but a potential installer is opting for a Microcare inverter because of local support. However, from the conversation it seems like the units do have some issues from time to time, with tripping and overloading and there were mention of them requiring resetting. 

Is this the case for Microcare units? Is this a general case for all inverters?

Does this only happen when the system is not sufficient for the required consumption?

Is there any suggestions of where to start? I am looking into installing 

  • 5kW Hybrid Inverter on 48V
  • For use as backup or fallback power
  • In future I would like to add solar panels
  • Prefer to have some kind of remote monitoring included
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