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Pool Pump is too powerful.


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Hi everyone I hope well. I need some advice. I have moved to a home in town and have 'inherited' a pool pump motor. 

The pool is a splash type pool . The pump is rated at 0.75kW.  The stream the outlet creates in the pool is very powerful. It even pushes me across the pool pretty fast if I lift my feet.

All this causing my kreepy to be lunched off the wall to the otherwise of the pool.

The pipes also gather away from the stream.

I have tried all outlet nosel positions with no luck.

My question is it possible to slow this single phase pump down with a  speed drive . I understand this might be a challenge as it is a single phase standard pump. I have attached some images and video. Please excuse the Install. I didnt do it :D.

Any help to slow the beast pump down to lessen the force of the water jetting out the pool outlet will be very greatfull. I will upload a video shortly.












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  1. If there are more outlets to the pool, then find out why they are not working, an possibly reconnect them.
  2. My best thought though is to divert the pipe from the pool to a a fountain (spout up with a little dancing & peeing Ceres looks cute🤣). Can even do that without a pipe diversion by connecting to the end of the existing pipe going into the pool (just might not look as neat). That will aim the pressure elsewhere and then gravity will take over, so drastically reducing the current/force from being in a single direction, and the water still ends up back in the pool.
  3. What are those copper pipes coming out the back wall? Are they not supposed to be connected somewhere and hence the high pressure?
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What about a small single phase variable speed drive? Then you can play around with the speed, one day at idle for zero waves and then the next day you can crank it up to practice swimming against the stream while staying in one spot or try to short board surfing. VSD's are not so expensive anymore, it might be an option?

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36 minutes ago, Vaal said:

What about a small single phase variable speed drive?

A varible speed drive only allow a few percent up and down before force cooling is needed. Lower than 30 htz is an issue and from the video it seem like the OP should all-most halve that flow if he wants to fix the issue. For the price of a variable speed drive, he might as well replace the motor with  the smallest pump he can find. 

Jay, try to install a 40 or 50 mm plastic ball valve  in the line first and see if you cant restrict the flow to where its comfortable? 

Preferably on the output of the pump and dont close it to much. 

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