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Solar Panel - Roof Mounting


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Ok, so I thought it might be a good idea to do a step by step of how I mount my solar panels on the roof.


Firstly, I am NOT saying this will work for everybody, or that it is the correct way.

This is just how I have done mine to save costs, as the original equipment from the solar companies is extremely expencive.


So, I use electrical stuff every day at work, so it was logical for me to use what I have learnt there.


All the following is part numbers from Cabstrut and your local electrical supplier should have it available.

I got mine from BES (Bellville Electrical Services) and Mr Koen there gave me 40% off from the listed Cabstrut price.


The following should be enough for me to mount 8 x 235W panels.


4 x P2000 (1mm thick)

20 x SN110/M10 (M10 nut mounted on a spring. This fits inside the P2000 rail)

20 x P1063 (Square piece with 11mm hole in the centre. Using this to fix adjasent panels)

20 x M10 bolts

10 x P1026 (90 degree angle. Will use it to fix the panels on the ends)

All the above worked out to less than R1k :)


1st step was to make sure I knew where I wanted to mount the panels.

2nd was to start opening the concrete roof tiles to find out where the roof trusses is located.

Here I used Tri-Strap that I got from Brights. I used 35mm long self drillers to fix the Tri-Strap to the roof truss.



Next step is to bend the strapping and cut it to the correct lenth.




Next would be to close the tile gap again and do the rest. I used 3 fixing points per 5m length of P2000.



Once all the straps is done, it is time to fix the P2000 to the straps. Here again I used the 35mm long self drillers.



Final product :)



Next week I hope to start mounting some panels.

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I am starting to look at this system Wetkit.... is it fair rigid on the roof in the wind?


just got a quote from acdc:


BMF4001 Aluminum profile  x 6 lengths                 R681.00 ea

BMF4402 Adj roof tile hook   x 14                              R472.00 ea

BMF4006 M8 x 20 Hex head screws 1 pack            R238.00 ea

BMF4005             M8 self blocking nut  1 pack         R329.00 ea

BMF4024             end clamps  x 4                                  R626.00

BMF4012             Mid Clamps x 20                                R593.00


EX VAT, less 10% discount.

All goods ex JHB subject to prior sale 1-2 weeks

thats a lota moola for a frame...... and you say around a grand for your one?

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Bloody hell Mike, that is a bundle of cash!!!

1st, I would say it depends on your roof construction and angle.

Luckly Kuilsrivier is one of the less windy places in CPT.

I had no problems during the winter storms this year.

If you worried, I would use longer and stronger screws into the roof truss.

Everything I used is HDG, so it should last a long time.

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i had my trusses specially manufactured at 30deg so i can mount as you have directly onto the truss and slide the tile back. Also place the house on it's longest roof line facing as close to solar north as i could....just slightly off full solar north.

Was that that std hoop iron you used, drilled and cut to length?

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Ok, time for an update.

I have not recieved all the panels yet, but have mounted 2 so long.


The Tri Strap is available from Brights at R11/m ex vat.


Firstly, here is the view of an end panel. The 90 degree bracket is not 100%, but I think it would work well enough.

I did not put is right at the end of the channel just to make sure it does not bend the cannel lips open.



Here is the view of the square piece used between 2 panels.

Initially I was looking at keeping the gap very small, but then the metal square would start to overlap on the panel PV cells, so using a 17 socket on the bolts works great to make sure the gap is the same top to bottom.



Here is just a bit of detail on how I have done the earthing.

I would have liked to hide all the wiring under the roof, but that prooved just way too much work for me on my own.


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Hi Haggers, to date no issues to report on my install.


I have used PowAR SNAP clips on another site. They clip onto the PV panel and is then pushed into the unistrut. It is quick and gives a great look, as the mounts is hidden away and the panels can be mounted without any gaps.

Only issue I have is if you would like to remove a panel again.

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Hi all

New to the forum and in planning phase for my solar setup. First up sorry for posting on an old thread but I would love to see the pictures from @Wetkit's roof mounting system.

Unfortunately I can't view the photo's. Anyone with links to this ?


Thank you 

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