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Powerforum Store Is Open!


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Dear Everyone

I hope my post finds you well. The Powerforum Store is open! Please do find our attached price guide and contact details attached. We are fully able to assist with installations great and small to the highest standards and quality. We would love your support as it very much assists us with the upkeep of this great community. Thank you all! Please note the price guide is a live document and is changed often to provide you with the best costings.


Jason Back (Energy)


Pwer Forum Store Price List V2.pdf

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Hi Chloe 

Yes we have various kits available in the Kodak Sunsynk Goodwe and even Victron Range 

It really depends on the application that you want to use the solar system for and what your loads are.

The Kodak range is a cheaper option and more suited for complete off grid solutions

The Sunsynk is a very versatile product that can work in Off grid and Hybrid grid tied setups it is a lot cheaper than Goodwe or Victron has excellent service backup and support.

Goodwe is more suited for Hybrid and Grid Connected setups with battery backup also a very good product.

Lastly we can offer Victron the most expensive option of the lot however it is a very good product and is very versatile in off and grid connected setups.

All of the systems work well with Lithium Batteries and we can supply a wide range of Known brands with advice on each for the application 

all the Solar panels we provide are main stream products f the highest standards From Canadian Solar to Longi Solar Panels each within a certain price bracket and specification range.

So my best advice to you is contact us directly and we will provide you with the best possible solution that suits your requirements


Power Forum Sales

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Best service from the Powerforum store. Steve gave great advice, knew his products well. I Placed an order for a Sunsynk inverter to replace my old Imeon inverter, it arrived the next day after completing the payment. All I can say is excellent service and I'm very happy, I had a few hiccups during the install and Steve was only to happy to assist. Thank you very much Steve.

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On 2020/09/02 at 5:38 PM, Powerforum Store said:

Pylontech US3000 3.5 KW Lithium ion Battery Special R19500.00 Vat Included excl Delivery  Valid While Stocks last 


Low voltage energy storage system 2019.pdf 264.49 kB · 47 downloads

To all the guys who got their batteries Congratulations and thank you for the great support 

Please note this special ends at 5 PM today  

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On 2020/09/02 at 5:58 PM, Powerforum Store said:

Pylon US2000 2.4kWh Li-Ion Solar Battery (excl. brackets) R14680.00 Vat included ex delivery While Stocks Last


longi_lr6_72hph_365_385w_v09__ds.pdf 2.25 MB · 35 downloads

Please Note the the battery special For the next 5 days on this battery will be available for! While stocks last!

R 14397.53 Vat Included Excluding Shipping 

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